Services Summary.

24 Hour National Control Room.

• All Grades of Security officers (Grades A to D)

• Site Seniors, Site Supervisors and Contract Managers.

• Armed / Unarmed Security Officers.

• Regular Site Quality Audits.

• Customized Training (Site – Specific)

• Fully Trained Personnel.

• Quality Checkers (Warehousing)

• Risk Surveys and Manpower Assessments – On site.

• Specialized Services – Investigations.

• K9 Unit - Trained Handlers and DH4 Level canines.

Two-way communication from all our national sites to
the control room.

• Guard Monitoring Equipment.

• Strategic Branches.

Training and Development

Himax Induction Training – Processes and Procedures.

• Recruit in accordance with Site Specific Requirements.

Site specific Training done on site in accordance with the Job Description and Site Procedures Manual.

• Daily On Going training.

Revise and update of site specific training material and procedures on a regular basis.

Himax uses SEESA, an outsourced company that is SASETA accredited, for all training.

To maintain a higher level of service to our clients, we ensure focus is placed on our Security Officers receiving the following training:

Induction Training (Customized/ Site – Specific)

Site Procedures Training as per the Client's Requirements / Site.

On the Job Training.

Basic First Aid and Fire Fighting.

Polygraphs / Integrity Management

The following processes and procedures have been designed and implemented to minimize the risk that our staff become involved in any criminal activity, collusion or act in any way that may negatively affect the Contract.

The distinct elements to the programm are:

• Pre – Employment Vetting.

• On-going Integrity Maintenance of Staff.

• Specific Crime Investigations.

The Polygraph is still the most effective investigation tool in obtaining Confessions of Crime.

Results of the tests are provided by means of Report to our Clients within 48 hours and verbally within 24 hours.